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Happy Tails From Our Adopted FurKids!

We love hearing back from our adopters about how the adoption journey worked for them and their new FurKids! Here are just a few of the thousands of stories about successful adoptions that we've had in our 10+ years of FurKid Rescue operations.



Oscar is doing great. He’s definitely settled in. He and Mayzie have pretty much become best buddies during the day. When Adynn gets home from school Oscar is always waiting for her. It’s so cute. We are are all doing good. I had to give Oscar a bath the other night and we were laughing because under all of that fur he really is just a kitten! We couldn’t believe how small he actually is. I forget sometimes he is younger than he looks!


I just love it at my new house…I have a Forever Mommy, and a grandma, and two grandpas. I have new uncles, and aunts, and lots of cousins. A lot of my new cousins are critter kids just like me, too, and we have so much fun playing together. When I go to my one aunt’s house, she gives me treats!  And when I go to my other grandpa’s house, he takes me for rides, and plays with me, and teaches me to fetch. 



We just wanted to give you and update on pearl. She and Ivy are getting along great now! They are best friends, they run around and play and get into trouble together. About a week ago we had them outside together while we went and did barn work and when we came back they were orange from playing in the flower beds! it was too cute! We just wanted to say thank you for the great rescue work you do and for giving us the perfect addition to our family!!


The story of how Leo (originally Bug) joined our family is truly a happy tail for everyone. My husband and I were looking for a dog to adopt and found Leo on the website. His story caught my attention right away and I knew I had to meet this special dog. Leo is a toothless, senior citizen who was rescued from a puppy mill. Despite living in horrendous conditions Leo has a wonderful personality. Jennifer brought him to our


house for a meet and greet and it was love at first sight. My husband, cat and I all voted yes to adopt him and Leo didn’t protest.

Since joining the family in January Leo has increased his strength and discovered the love of the outdoors. He is happiest when running around the yard or relaxing on a rainy day on his bed (in the photo and 3 sizes too large for him). Before being adopted he had never gone up or down stairs and he is happy to show off his skills while running up the stairs; going down the stairs is still a challenge. Leo makes every day fun by flashing a smile when we come home, bouncing around for a treat or snuggling on the couch.

Our family is complete with Leo and we cannot thank FurKid Rescue and Jennifer enough for bringing Leo into our lives!



Pokey is adjusting well. She sleeps with wesley and myself in bed. Puts Wesley in his place. My granddaughters love her because she is quite the little lady. She does not jump or chase you. They can cuddle with her and play flashlight tag.

The neighbors weren’t quite ready for the hound bark out of such a tiny dog!


I just need to tell you she is AMAZING!!!!! I can’t thank you enough for letting her become part of our family and giving us the privilege of raising her!! I just had such a good feeling when I couldn’t stop looking at her pictures and video. (must have looked at them 100 times after you suggested her)

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