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Are you ready to adopt?

Border Collie

No really... are you?

Thank you for considering adoption over buying from a breeder. In doing so, you are taking a stand against the overbreeding and overpopulation problem that currently exists. We believe in quality placements over quantity and once we rescue a dog we’re committed to finding the best forever home. We are NOT ashamed of being choosy!

  • You should expect at least a 10-year commitment (excluding seniors).

  • You are willing to work through a transitional adjustment period that may last a few months or longer.

  • If minor to extreme behavioral issues arise, you will take steps to try to work through them with positive reinforcement by either taking a class or working with an in home behavior consultant before giving up on your dog.

  • If you adopt a puppy you will need to take a FurKid approved puppy class in your area.

  • You will commit to routine and preventative vet care, emergency vet care, feeding and expenses. Emergency vet care is not inexpensive, and you need to have the financial resource to care for a FurKid – especially one with special needs.

If you think you're ready to do this, here's the first step:

The first step in the process is to fill out an application. You'll choose the appropriate application below and PLEASE fill it out completely and with attention to detail. We read every word you enter on the form, we will reach out to your personal and veterinary references and evaluate whether we think you will make a good match for our fur kids. We're all volunteers, so please have patience as the process can take a while!

PLEASE NOTE: We really appreciate you taking the time to read about our process and apply, however, please know we will be unable to contact each applicant individually.

Choose the relevant application:

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