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About Furkid Rescue


Our Mission

FurKid Rescue seeks to help animals go from life-threatening situations to homes where they will be given the love and care they deserve. Upon rescue, we commit to the full care and training of an animal until we are able to place them in an exceptional home. We hope that through training and responsible ownership we are able to educate people about rescue dogs as a whole. We are passionate about spaying and neutering and promote the procedure at every opportunity, not only as a preventative health measure, but also to eliminate the overpopulation problem.

About Our Rescue

Furkid is a foster network rescue – meaning all of our rescues are temporary members of our families. Our fosters can give you insight into the personality and needs of our FurKids because they are in our homes, versus you meeting them in a stressful environment where they haven’t had a chance to let their fur down and their true personalities shine through.

We officially started in 2008 rescuing Pit Bulls because they needed to be rescued the most. However over the years with the increase in puppy mills and backyard breeders, we have become an all-breed rescue because we want to save all dogs. We don’t discriminate. We take dogs that other rescues won’t. We have rescued and rehabilitated pups starved from the brink of death, pups with parvo who were given almost no chance, dogs who have been shot, dogs with disabilities or mange that are deemed undesirable, or not worth saving. We rescue elderly dogs left on chains for the majority of their years, puppies with minutes to spare before being euthanized for no reason other than no one is paying attention. We love and rescue them all.

Please understand that we do not have a physical location. We try to give our animals the best foster experience possible, not only for their comfort, but to implement positive reinforcement training methods and to make sure they are getting the best care imaginable. 

We work on a volunteer basis and this rescue work takes time away from our families, friends, and pets. Our strength to continue rescuing animals comes from finding one of our adoptable dogs a forever home where they will be loved, cherished and treated as a member of the family. It is those moments that make our hearts full and give us the drive to continue.

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